Oh, tis the most wonderful time of the year-wait, what?  Between working, kids activities, gift buying, Christmas Tree decorating, out of town relatives visiting, baking, charity work, Christmas card sending - our time, our energy and our budgets are stretched to the max.

It's really easy to lose sight of the whole idea behind Christmas - love & joy - yep, really hard to keep those feelings in our heart when we are exhausted and running on fumes.  But, if we can just step back, and snatch a few moments with our loved ones and friends and really be in the moment and ENJOY those precious memory making moments - this holiday season can be everything we wish it could be.  I know, easier said than done - but not impossible.

So, slow down, try to relax-it's ok if everything on your list doesn't get done right this minute-keep that flame of love and joy burning in your heart and you will be surprised how everyone around you will follow your lead.   So go out there, and be Merry, darn it!

June 17, 2018 — Susan Stansbury