Women's Yippee Ki Yay Terra Black Boot



This studded boot with intricate stitching brings a new light and a touch of luxury to our Yippee Ki Yay brand. It's a versatile choice for anyone.

Model: YL598-1

Color: Vesuvio Black

Toe: L.B.

Heel: L.B.

Height: 13"

Leather: Cowhide

Our cowboy boots bond the time-honored art of handmade boots with a contemporary flair for fashion. Old Gringo Boots are unique, comfortable and made with the highest quality leathers. We add art to footwear using embroidery, Swarovski crystals, stud patterns, inlay/overlay, hand tooling, painting, and laser etching techniques. Every Old Gringo boot is the culmination of an over 250-step production process performed by our skilled craftsmen.